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The Mock Trial Program, offered in the fall, is an 11-week after school experiential learning program during which middle school students become trial lawyers. With the support of volunteer attorneys, students tackle age-appropriate legal issues, engage in legal analysis, and ultimately try cases in real courtrooms before federal or state judges and juries made up of community members.

Discovering Justice offers middle school students the extraordinary opportunity to conduct a mock trial in the fall and then argue aspects of their case on appeal through Stand Up for Your Rights in the spring, experiencing their case’s progression through the justice system.

Stand Up for Your Rights, offered in the spring, transforms middle school students into appellate lawyers. Working with a team of volunteer attorneys for 11 weeks, students delve into the Bill of Rights, explore how constitutional protections apply in public schools, and argue their cases in real courtrooms before Appellate Panels composed of actual judges and experienced attorneys.

During weekly after school sessions, students become advocates and learn how to use precedent, apply law to facts, craft legal arguments, answer questions – on the spot – from the bench, and work as a team. Through an emphasis on honing critical thinking, writing, and public speaking skills, Stand Up for Your Rights encourages adolescents to challenge their assumptions and justify their beliefs while positively engaging in the justice system.



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