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Grade 7

With the support of community advocates and experts in law and the justice system as guest speakers, Discovering Justice’s Topics Program offers students an opportunity to explore, debate, and actively confront current issues in the community.

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The Topics Program brings to life contemporary legal issues and themes of justice that are relevant to students' lives and the world we live in. Facilitated by Discovering Justice staff, legal and community leaders work with students to explore an essential question through a variety of informational sources and learn essential civic skills from civil discourse to how to take informed action through engagement. DJ’s Topics Program gives middle and high school students the opportunity to develop a sense of their place and responsibilities in the larger community as well as a chance to practice civic skills in order to make an impact within or outside the current system. We are piloting this program in the summer of 2020 with an online course, “Discovering Justice in a Pandemic,” centered around individual rights v. collective responsibility.

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