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  • Children Discovering Justice Curriculum

Children Discovering Justice Curriculum

Grades K-2

If you are a classroom teacher looking to support your students explore “what is justice” and “how do I use my voice to advocate for it?”, this material is for you! Children Discovering Justice k-2 curriculum is a Massachusetts History and Social Science Frameworks based civics curriculum that helps teachers and young students unpack themes of fairness, community, rights and responsibilities, and other big ideas connected to justice.

Students deepen their understanding of the term and its functions, both in their own lives, and the greater community/world. Students learn through inquiry, case study examples, and discourse, that the struggle for justice is ongoing, complex, and involves multiple perspectives. Each grade level is four modules long.

Each module has two-four lessons, with lessons being 15-30 minutes depending on the grade level. We encourage teachers to use these modules flexibly and integrate the lessons, tools, and resources in a way that best support, enhances, and deepens your community building and teaching of civics, social studies, and justice.

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