Children Discovering Justice Curriculum

  • Children Discovering Justice Curriculum

Children Discovering Justice: Grade K-5

The Children Discovering Justice K-5 Curriculum is a civics curriculum based in Massachusetts History and Social Science Frameworks. Designed to help teachers and young students unpack themes of fairness, community, rights, and responsibilities, the program enables students to deepen their understanding of justice and how it functions—in their own lives, their greater communities, and the world at large. Teachers are encouraged to use modules flexibly and to integrate the lessons, tools, and resources to help children investigate the essential question: what is justice, and how do I use my voice to advocate for it?

The Program

Through inquiry, case study examples, and classroom discourse, students learn that the struggle for justice is ongoing, complex, and involves multiple perspectives.

What’s New

In fall 2021, Discovering Justice partnered with district leaders and teachers in Boston and Springfield Public Schools to bring their Grade K-2 classrooms engaging, complex, and age-appropriate conversations on fairness and community.

Emma Fialka-Feldman

Principal, Roger Clap Elementary

“We were so excited to see the complex and age-appropriate conversations our K-2 students were engaging in.”

Tara Bordeau

Early Elementary Instructional Specialist, Indian Orchard School

“The curriculum gives teachers a voice in the planning and implementation—the same way this curriculum teaches students to use their voices to advocate for justice.”

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