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We Need the Next Generation to Protect and Steward our Democracy

Discovering Justice provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to become engaged and active participants in, and stewards of, our democracy. America’s democracy depends on an educated and engaged populace. As Discovering Justice alumnus Nafisa Zaman tells us, students need to understand the workings of the system, know how to formulate an opinion, and be able to figure out what needs to be done to create change to improve the health and vibrancy of their communities. Watch the video

We Nimbly Adapted to COVID – 19

When schools moved to virtual learning back in March, Discovering Justice nimbly moved all its programs online to make sure they were accessible to students all across the Commonwealth, whether they were learning in their living room or the classroom. While we miss the personal connections that in-person learning provides, COVID-19 has helped us to think big and how to make our programs more accessible to students across the Commonwealth. Sharyn Lamer, a 7th/8th grade teacher at the Argenziano School, talks about how Discovering Justice has adapted its Mock Trial Programs during the pandemic. Watch the video

We Provide Mentorship for Students who Want to be Lawyers
For many students across the Commonwealth, taking part in a Discovering Justice program is the first time they have a chance to meet a lawyer. Discovering Justice’s Mock Trial programs are staffed by “legal mentors” who dedicate an afternoon a week during the fall or spring to mentor middle school students on the workings of the legal system, the skills needed to argue a case, and tensions that arise in a court of law. Discovering Justice legal mentors often become role models for these students and help them believe that a career path in law is possible. And as we know, these relationships are not just a one way street. As adults, we have much to learn about the challenges, hopes, and fears from our next generation.  
We Tackle Contemporary Issues and Search for Just Solutions

Discovering Justice provides students with the opportunity to find their voice and grapple with current events and issues within the context of justice. This summer, our pilot Topics Program worked with the leadership programs of Crossroads and Camp Harbor View to examine the government’s response to COVID -19.  In discussions with judges, lawyers, doctors and public health specialists, these young leaders discussed the tensions between individual rights and freedoms and the need for community health measures. Discovering Justice is looking to develop new Topics Programs around environmental concerns, voting rights, civil rights, and other issues that face the nation today. Watch the video

We Introduce Students to the Moakley Federal Courthouse

Constructed in 1998, the John J. Moakley Federal Courthouse is an architectural statement about the aspirational ideals of America’s justice system and its democracy. For over twenty years, Discovering Justice has been the public’s “Tour Guide” to the Moakley, hosting hundreds of in person tours and field trips for students across the Commonwealth. By opening up the Courthouse, students can better understand the ideals of justice and the working of the justice system. With the Courthouse closed to the public because of COVID -19, Discovering Justice is creating a virtual tour that will be ready in the new year. We look forward to the days when students and the public will once again fill the halls of the Moakley. Watch the video

We Provide Training for Young Nonprofit Professionals

This fall, we are excited to be hosting Discovering Justice’s first class of fellows. Our four fellows, Carolina, Ally, Alzeta and Grace, are each working directly with a staff member to increase Discovering Justice’s capacity to bring civic education to students across the Commonwealth. Throughout their time here, our fellows are learning skills that will help their future careers in education, advocacy, and nonprofit work. Many of us took the first steps of our careers through a fellowship, internship, or volunteer opportunity. Not only do these positions help organizations get good work done, they provide opportunities for young professionals to explore and learn about an exciting field. Watch the video

We Provide Training for Young Nonprofit Professionals

When schools moved to virtual learning back in March, the lives of students, their families and their teachers were upended. We all scrambled to figure out how to best provide meaningful learning experiences to students virtually. Over the past year, Discovering Justice staff has worked with teachers in Lowell and Boston to create a new virtual program for Grade 1-5 teachers to use. Our Mini-Mock Trial Modules help teachers provide age appropriate lessons through which elementary school students can learn about and explore the ideals of justice. Hear Boston Public School Teacher, Jessica Hyland, talk about working with Discovering Justice Program Director, Laura Brenner, this summer to create new online materials. Watch the video

Students’ Voices

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