Volunteer Jurors & Appellate Panel Judges

  • Volunteer Jurors and Appellate Panel Judges

Volunteer Jurors & Appellate Panel Judges

Volunteer jurors and appellate panel judges help create a meaningful final event for participants in Discovering Justice’s Mock Trial & Mock Appeal Program. In December, jurors support our students’ and volunteers’ semester-long efforts by filling the jury box, listening to arguments, determining the case with the guidance of a real judge, and providing feedback. In May, appellate panel judges will read the petitioner and respondent’s appellate memos, listen to and question students during oral arguments, and provide feedback.

A brief reception follows the culminating courthouse events in which attendees come together to celebrate the end of the program. These events are a great opportunity for both first-time volunteers to see our program action and for returning volunteers to deepen their connection to Discovering Justice.

 Contact Malia Brooks at mbrooks@discoveringjustice.org for more information. 

Open Volunteer Opportunity: Appellate Panel Judge

We are now accepting volunteer Appellate Panel Judges to assist with our two-hour Mock Appeal Final Courthouse Events. As an Appellate Panel Judge, you will play a key role in helping determine the outcome of students’ First Amendment case about a high school’s decision to suspend a student who called out their classmate on TikTok for a school project. You will listen to oral arguments, ask questions to test students’ understanding of the law, work with your panel to provide a ruling, and celebrate teams’ work with fellow community members.

Given that volunteers will be testing students’ understanding of the law, a legal background is required. However, moot court and appellate experience are NOT required. 

Mock Appeal Courthouse Event Details by School District
  • Boston:  Wednesday, May 29th, 5-7 pm | John Joseph Moakley U.S Courthouse
  • Brockton: Thursday June 6th, 5-7 pm | Brockton District Court
  • Brookline (Runkle School):  Thursday, May 30th, 3-4:30 pm | Brookline District Court
  • Brookline (Florida Ruffin Ridley School): Wednesday, May 29th, 5-7 pm | John Joseph Moakley U.S Courthouse
  • Cambridge: Monday, June 3rd, 3-4:30 pm | Cambridge Juvenile Court
  • Framingham: Tuesday, May 28th,3:30-5:00 pm | Framingham District Court
  • Lowell (Daley, Stoklosa): Thursday, May 30th, 5-7 pm | Lowell Justice Center
  • Medford: Wednesday, May 29th, 5-7 pm | John Joseph Moakley U.S Courthouse
  • Springfield: Monday, June 3rd, 4-6 pm | Springfield U.S Courthouse
  • Waltham: Wednesday, May 29th, 5-7 pm | John Joseph Moakley U.S. Courthouse
  • Worcester: Tuesday, June 4th, 5-7 pm | Donohue Federal Building and U.S Courthouse 
Volunteer Opportunity Recap
  • Volunteer as an Appellate Panel Judge
  • Sit on a 3-person panel with a Federal or State judge and attorney
  • At a courthouse near you
  • 2-hour event

Support local students who are interested in learning about the law, their rights, and the justice system! Information and optional training provided closer to the events.

Register here or contact afterschool@discoveringjustice.org for more information.

A group of volunteers jurors stand and sit in a small room to deliberate.

Kayla Nordman

Kayla Nordman believes strongly in expanding access to comprehensive civic education to provide the next generation with the resources they need to uphold and expand upon the values of American democracy and create a more equitable future. Before joining Discovering Justice, she worked as a Legislative Intern at the Massachusetts State House and as a Program Manager for the Massachusetts Center for Civic Education. Kayla graduated from Suffolk University with a BA in International Relations.