Legal Mentors


Legal Mentors

Legal mentors play a crucial role in Discovering Justice’s Mock Trial and Mock Appeal programs. Guiding students as they delve into concepts of justice and democracy, legal mentors help middle school students connect with professionals in the legal field, volunteering their time to work with teams of students as they prepare and litigate cases. Legal mentors meet with students for 90 minutes on a weekly basis to help them prepare a prosecution case and a defense case, culminating in mock trial events at courthouses across Massachusetts.

Read our Frequently Asked Questions about being a Legal Mentor. 


Law offices and schools throughout Massachusetts, with both in-person and online attendance options, and culminating trial events held at the John Joseph Moakley United States Courthouse in Boston, the United States Federal Courthouse in Worcester, the United States Federal Courthouse in Springfield, the Lowell Justice Center, New Bedford Superior Court, and more.


After-school team meeting sessions held once per week over the course of ten weeks, with the Mock Trial Program during the fall school semester, and the Mock Appeal Program during the spring semester.


Any legal professional can be a legal mentor including, but not limited to, attorneys, law students, clerks, paralegals, judges and court staff. Contact Malia Brooks at if you’d like to become a legal mentor or complete this brief application form. 

Hannah Esquenazi

Legal Mentor, Jones Day

“Young kids come into contact with civic issues every day. As a legal mentor in Discovering Justice’s Mock Trial program, I can be someone to remind them that they can speak up and voice their opinions, and that their opinions are worth hearing.”

Meg Ziegler

Legal Mentor, Choate Hall & Stewart

“I love Discovering Justice! I would encourage all lawyers to try it out for a semester and I would also encourage all students that can to sign up.”

Jay Blitzman

First Justice of the Middlesex County Division of the Juvenile Court

"Thanks to Discovering Justice, students in Massachusetts have civic education programs that help young people learn about the justice system and directly engage in public discourse regarding the issues that affect them.”

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