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Volunteers play a crucial role in our experiential learning programs, guiding students as they delve into concepts of justice and democracy, and creating opportunities for students to connect civic learning to their own lives and communities. Our field trips, after-school programs, and tours rely on a large community of volunteers, serving as mentors, facilitators, courthouse docents, and more.


Legal Mentors

Mentor middle school students as they delve deeper into our nation’s judicial system through our Mock Trial and Mock Appeal Programs. Work with students on a weekly basis throughout a fall and/or spring semester.


Courthouse Docents

Lead a Moakley Courthouse Tour to provide students and members of the public with the opportunity to learn about its role and history in the justice system, and its value as a vibrant public space for art, architecture and parks.
Courthouse Events

Guest Speakers

Participate in a public courthouse panel event facilitated by our staff at Discovering Justice. Give a short presentation on your area of expertise, answer questions about your work, and help students explore contemporary legal issues and themes of justice.

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