Mock Appeal Program


Mock Appeal Program: Grade 6-8

In the semester-long Mock Appeal Program, students meet weekly with legal mentors to delve deeper into our nation’s judicial system. Guided by legal partners and volunteer attorneys, teams of students in the Mock Appeal Program prepare and litigate cases concerning students and their constitutional rights, continuing to engage in legal analysis and developing legal arguments. Whereas the Mock Trial Program invites students to present their cases before judges and juries made up of community members, the Mock Appeal Program allows students to craft oral arguments and answer judges’ questions in order to appeal their cases before panels of judges.

What’s New

In spring 2022, the Discovering Justice Mock Appeal Program will center on the First Amendment, with middle school students working on arguments to appeal the fictional case “Young V. Westbury School District.”

Isabella Campbell

8th grade student, Boston Latin School

“At first, I was a bit skeptical about how the program was going to run online, but the mentors found ways to make the groups comfortable with each other, and I felt like it was a way to take a break from all the worries of the health crisis.”

Jasmine Coo

Legal Mentor, General Electric

“To give students the chance to learn about the law, but also learn that they can have a voice, and then have them exude the confidence that it takes to stand up and do a trial and question a witness and give an appellate argument—it’s phenomenal.”

Mary Kay Brown

Director of Partnerships, John J. Duggan Academy

“It’s just a whole other layer of career awareness. We’ve had just so many situations where kids walked away and they just said ‘yeah, this is what I want to do.’”

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