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Children Discovering Justice (CDJ) empowers young children to stand up for their beliefs, resolve differences in constructive ways, and develop creative solutions to problems. This literacy-based social studies curriculum for grades one through five provides students with the tools they need to understand sophisticated ideas such as democracy, tolerance, rights, responsibilities, and the connection between rules and the law.

Through CDJ, students explore topics by reading a variety of viewpoints on the subject, writing about their opinions, and debating essential questions. By linking children’s innate sense of fairness with the lessons they learn in the classroom, CDJ builds stronger school communities and inspires children to believe in their own potential for success.

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Discovering Justice seeks attorneys and community members to coach students in one-hour interactive field trips during the spring.


For more information on Children Discovering Justice, or to enroll your school, please contact Afrika Afeni Mills at or 617.748.4184.


Current Children Discovering Justice teachers: click here to access resources to supplement the curriculum!


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